Monday, February 15, 2010

The Kiss of Judas That Sent Me To Hell

i was anxious.
i got stunned by the idea that you were lovely enough to be called a lady.


i was dreaming.
the sugar-coated words out spoken were ringing my bells as my eyes show disbelief.


i was chilling.
and then you lit a little matchstick for me.

is that your way of showing that you care?

you never failed.
it lured me to death so i could imagine that i was catching a warmth from a furnace.

it was a pleasant drean to be recalled.
the poison apple was desperately devoured by this hungry soul - who would have thought for an instance that it was the pitfall of deception.

it wasn't pygmalion's love story that broke my heart deeply...

it was the kiss of judas that sent me to hell.


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