Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dec. 17, 2011: Typhoon Sendong

December can be considered as the most festive month for everyone. People would become very busy wrapping gifts, decorating wreath in their doors and some christmas lights outside their houses and of course get ready for the "simbang gabi sessions". But just right by the time the "simbang gabi" session would start, a tragic and horrifying experience shook the whole Philippines and the whole world. Located at the southern part of the Philippines lies Iligan City, the place were I am currently living, was swooped by a heavy flashflood of Typhoon Sendong.

At around 1:00 am of Saturday, when everyone were gently sleeping in their bed a sudden flash of heavy water poured down onto the houses of the people living in Brgy. Hinaplanon, Bayug Island, Mandulog, and Digkilaan. In just a matter of minutes, the water level rose from knee level  reaching up to the roof of the houses. Not even the Mandulog bridge withstood the strong gush of water.

Around 5:30am of Friday, the heavy flood still dominated.

Like the flood, the news were flashing rapidly too. The number of victims keep on rising, missing persons where everywhere. Children and old-aged were counted as most victims. I am still depressed on what happened. We were very blessed that we were protected from the danger brought by typhoon Sendong, knowing that Brgy. Hinaplanon is just the second baranggay to where I am residing. Still, I was in shock after hearing the flash news in the morning... I was thinking about those people I knew which were living in the area of the flash flood. In the afternoon, we came to see the area affected by the flood. To me, it is still unbelievable, because such incident could only happen once in a blue moon in Iligan City. 

After the flashflood, dead bodies were recovered.

The next day people where placing tents on the highways. I felt like my heart's being crushed seeing children asking for alms on the dark streets. Most of those children who survived after the calamity are still in trauma. Whenever they hear a sound of heavy rain, they just cry and panic.

Statistics As Of Dec. 20, 2011.

Today, the number of deaths accounted more than 1000. Hard to imagine, in just one day, such many lives were suddenly taken. I ought to think that it would become a happy year for everyone. Just a week before Christmas, who would have thought typhoon Sendong would turn the laughters and joys into mourning and sadness.

For people who have good hearts and wanted to donate, feel free to contact the number indicated at the picture below. You can donate any items, in cash or in kind.

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