Friday, March 28, 2008



time check 1:55 am... okei, em half awake/half dead but still moving. coffee does the trick, it makes me rabid all night long. It might be a good idea if i sleep at this very moment. Oh no, i forgot to tell my alter ego that i don't entertain such kind of thinking, especially when i can feel the vibration running through my nerves (commanding my hands to click the mouse and type the keyboard). Indeed! i'm staring at the monitor at this very moment. Thank heavens, 'lolo herden' was sitting beside me. He sprinkled a little bit of his unholy aura... by the way, about 'lolo herden', we call him 'undying'. He was a creep, physically, mentally and spiritually... but i still wonder if he still bear a spirit within him.

just passin` by to post something here, para magkalaman naman ito... pambihira! nag.overnayt na nga ako di ko pa malalagyan ng bagong post ang blog ko! char. tagalog ra kaayo dhai oh dhai my baby dhai.
*balik bayot moments*

Thursday, March 27, 2008


(One out of many)

Amidst the tumult of the PTB's
You stood out
Along with trials, hardships and sacrifices
You didn't fall out
You'll soon exhume the theories you've learned,
Putting it all into practices
You see the society, microscopic and telescopic view
So clear, so bright
This is your higher step for the masses
Push hard not for 'own' but 'theirs'
History will deem your works
None can give something in return,
But you'll be loved by the masses
And this is your insignia
It is our duty to serve the people
Enjoy your jaunt into their lives
Comrades! you are winsome inspirations
For the people and the revolutionaries

Adieu for greater purpose
Adieu... Epluribusunum

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lenten Season

I can pray more than ten times everyday
If it could help all the problems of mankind

~_~ Holy Thursdei ~_~

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It was conspicuous at the first place
Already exhumed at the beginning
But still balked to harken,
Smothered yourself to those pandemonium
No need for those lachrymose looks
Savvy the situation, relinquish the passion
The fact that you've been avaricious
Trickle! wince no more
Dabble those wistful wishes
It was just a little tweak you stripling
Look up, see Azure?
He tells you something... 'Sage!'

two twenty five

This Boy

In a heart's region of yours,
You see a shadow of total darkness
It was he who dwells within
The boy, the young boy, past
Cold, gray, bitter and black he was
Sitting, doing nothing but wait
He was afraid of you because you hate
You knew the pain he was carrying
It's the same thing you're wearing
Help him seek his way out
Call for him and make a loud shout
Run past run, run wild and free
I now give you time to flee
Your shackles, i broke it up
Ball and chains are now destroyed
Go now and find your fort
I already gave you liberty...
So that this time you'll have your sanctuary

Monday, March 17, 2008

29 minutes

It was morning again.

Another tick in the time life of being fetish. Having tragic existence in this carnal realm. So pathetic, so vain, so mortal. Yeah, entangled in this mortal coil.

Is your purpose of living to become an instrument for others? Show brilliance to be recognized and gain fame? Being passionate for one's cause? Soul search to find your sanctuary? Live a so-called fully-grown life to consider sanity? Experience the gift: exercising boredom and pleasure. Or simply say you need the answers to your questions of mortality. All dumb facts of life.

Life. A matter of choice, not by chance. Man moves to survive; push hard and struggle. Only thing that justifies what it is to become a human being.

Past. Present. Future. Thinking of it makes people mild, weak and ignorant. On the otherhand, it blindfolded them of becoming guileless and have had chastity.

World. So rude, so vast... so is life.

Hey! It's morning again isn't it?


Salog. Bangko. Lamisa. Lighter. Highlighter. Cellphone. Tubig sa mineral bottle. Ballpen. Bond paper. Kalo. Bag. Silhig. Kurtina. Pink. Kikay. Chaka. Katawa. Ulan. Pinanggang pagong. Sapatos. Envelope. Notebook. Sulat. Lingaw. Ngisi. Lipay ginagmay. Hunahuna. Lakaw dagan hunong. Tuyok. Memba.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Deception Point

As I found myself back in my world - Iligan city (uhh place where I became soOoOo immature), all of the sudden, the infos struck my head like I was shot with IRBM (intermediate range ballistic missile) or something.

And as if I wasn't ready to face it though I tried to react on it. But actually deep within *kalot lalom* I don't mind them (hey i'm trying to be passive around here). I mean geez, holy crap... news like these aren't new to me anyway. Looking back what happened earlier, I went to my room laughing at myself *alien*. I found myself ridiculous. Segeh lang segeh lang, ako ra nakasabot.

Nagshare ra koh.

Friday, March 14, 2008


i've read this earlier from my noble comrade haha *ala jopol*
its chuey.

Noong nakaraang people power, nakamaniobra ang US sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng kanyang mga tuta sa hanay ng mga nagpoprotesta at nagpo-project pa para tanghaling susunod na presidente. Pero pasencya sa US dahil natuto na ang masa sa kanyang karanasan sa people power. Hindi solusyon ang paggamit ng Law of succession, dapat magkaroon ng bagong alternatibo. Kagaya ng people power ang Transition council ang pinakapatok ngayon sa taongbayan. Isa itong extra-legal na paraan. Ito ang magbibigay ng immediate relief sa masa dahil tatanggalin nito ang lahat ng anti-people na batas na pinirmahan ng pangulo. Ito rin ang maghahanda para sa susunod na eleksyon kung ninanais ng mamayan na magkaroon pa ng panibagong eleksyon.

- yeah and it fits those who had doubts against the power of the masses... nagapasabot ra man jud nga ang masa ang naay kusog ug mahukmanon kung unsa ang gobyerno na gusto niya para niya, all they need is to be awaken of what reality is and what's the status quo, after ana mulihok para sa kabag-uhan. and for those people nga misirable ang kinabuhi ug wa kasabot sa buhaton, salmot mu sa kalihukan mao ray makasulbad sa problema nga inyong gidangat karon. sabta.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


oh ayan, adlib muna.... i got my piercings back >_<
ed na ni ipasirado kay kapoi pabuslot usab.. ~_~

at natapos din ang aking transaction sa bangko, buti naman.

dumaan lng ako ng cafe, i'll be visiting my dear lolo and lola.. dun aq matutuluk ngaun weh. :3

at the next dei.... poof sayonara gensan viva iligan ito... d3 sori napasubo ako wla ako pasalubong sa inyo XD

ito pahabol... from ken's blog:

I have my own particular sorrows, loves, delights; and you have yours. But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all of us, in all times and in all places. Music is the only means whereby we feel these emotions in their universality. ~H.A. Overstreet

Monday, March 10, 2008


My mind, my weapon.
the tyrfing
The cursed sword that causes eventual death to its wielder and their kin.

My will, my shield.
the scutum
The shield's curved shape covered the wielder's front and sides, affording excellent protection.

My heart, my weakest point.
the heart
The very delicate vital organ of life.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nuggets of Wisdom

I posted these 'thoughts to ponder' because these are the pieces which represents the concrete form of my guiding principles in life. So somehow i can reflect my deeds into it.

we all have the right to make bad decisions; that's how we learn to make good ones.
-Larry Williams
a soda pop poured in a glass shoots to the brim in an attempt to spill. but when it fizzles down, it really isn't filled. it's strange, but most people's feelings do the same.
-Bruce Montaña
the wise man has his follies no less than the fool, but herein lies the difference - the follies of the fool are known to the world, but are hidden from himself; the follies of a wise man are known to himself, but are hidden from the world.
-CC Colton
destiny is no a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
-William Jennings Bryan
twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. so throw off the bowlines. sail away from the harbor. catch the trade winds in your sails. explore. dream. discover.
-Mark Twain
if you pray for rain, don't grumble about the mud.
-William Ward Ayer
a man of character finds special attractiveness in difficulty, since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that he can realize his potentials.
-Charles de Gaulle
dreams are the touchtstones of our character.
-Henry David Thoreau
i have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. i know no way of judging the future but by the past.
-Patrick Henry
i have not failed. i've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
-Thomas Alva Edison
few things are needful to make the wise man happy, but nothing satisfies the fool - and this is the reason why so many of mankind are miserable.
-La Rochefoucauld
the essence of genius is to know what to overlook.
-William James
it is in human nature to think wisely and to act in an absurd fashion.
-Anatole France
the value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them. a man may live long, yet get little from life. whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years, but on your will.
great souls have wills, feeble ones have only wishes.
-Chinese proverb
the error of youth is to believe that the intelligence is a substitute for experience - while the error of age is to believe that experience is a substitute for intelligence.
-Wayne Mackey
if you want to stay young, associate with young people. if you want to get old quick, try keeping up with them.
the best eraser in the world is a good night's sleep.
-OA Battista

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Rotten Tomatoes for a Rotten Regime on Edsa Anniversary—BAYAN-Lanao

Iligan City—“People Power pa rin.”

This is the call of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) in Lanao as the group officially opened its campaign for the ouster of what they tagged as “corrupt, criminal, onerous and puppet” Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo today—the 22nd anniversary of the Edsa People Power I.

“People power fatigue is never true,” said the Group’s Secretary General Anjo Bacarisas. ”The people will never be tired of struggling against a President who gives them the hardest days of their lives, and the collective action of toppling this hated regime is the only way out,” he further said.

Jun Lozada and Jose de Venecia III continue to expose the ruthless greed of the Arroyo family to get monstrous kickbacks from the ZTE-Broadband Deal, and the group said this is only the latest in a series of anomalies through which the corruption of the Arroyos has been exposed. This includes the fertilizer fund scam, Diosdado Macapagal Highway, North Rail and South Rail projects, and the bribery of local officials in the amount of P500,000 at the grounds of Malacañang. “Monopolizing contracts is not enough for Arroyo. She wants no one to disobey or investigate these anomalies. That’s why money from Malacañang flooded the halls of Congress in order to oust Jose de Venecia from his position as House Speaker, and replace him with an even more trusted lapdog of Arroyo—Prospero Nograles. Right after this was accomplished, Arroyo wants to stay in power through charter change,” Bacarisas underscored.

“The people hate this government who wants to blind and silence all of its critics,” said Bacarisas. He pointed out to the kidnapping of Jun Lozada by the police and military to prevent him from exposing the truth. He also mentioned that Lozada’s office was raided and the documents that would point to the criminality of the Arroyo family were confiscated. “Arroyo twisted the law in order to prevent members of the Cabinet from testifying before the Senate. More than 900 activists have been killed and involuntary disappeared by suspected military agents because of Oplan Bantay Laya,” the Bayan-Lanao Secretary General further added.

“The people’s poverty increases while Arroyo gets richer! Hunger is everywhere,” said Bacarisas . He elaborated that Arroyo’s boasting that the country’s Gross Domestic Product has risen 7.5% is an empty reality. He pointed out the growing numbers of people instead are living with empty stomachs and it is deception on the part of this regime to paint the picture of a progressive economy. “Rising prices of basic commodities, oil price hikes, lack of jobs, low wages, land grabbing—this is the real situation of the people,” Bacarisas believed.

Bayan-Lanao also lambasted Arroyo’s shameless puppetry to the United States. The group believes that Arroyo Regime has relied on the support and direction from the U.S. government in order to remain in power. “Since the threats to her power from military factions began, the U.S. has not abandoned Arroyo,” according to Bacarisas. Furthermore, he said, “the U.S. has continued to back Arroyo in the midst of its stench and isolation from the people. Arroyo is a trusted puppet of the U.S. This is why Arroyo was among the first to offer support to the so-called U.S. War on Terror. This is why Arroyo defends the legality of the Visiting Forces Agreement and Mutual Logistics Support Agreement. Using U.S. military aid, the Arroyo Regime and Armed Forces of the Philippines launched a series of all-out wars against the Moro people and military operations in the countryside and cities. Arroyo allowed the U.S. to interfere in the GRP-MILF peace talks, while the U.S. terrorist listing of the New People’s Army remains a thorny issue that is snagging the GRP-NDFP peace talks.”

After Arroyo’s ouster, what’s next?

Bayan-Lanao supported the move for the creation of the Transition Council which will be composed of the representatives of the most effective forces for Arroyo’s ouster. They said that the most urgent task of the Council is to repeal all anti-people laws enacted by the US-Arroyo regime, and craft solutions for the people’s immediate relief, such as the P125 across-the-board wage increase and the passage of the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill. The group said that the Transition Council is the best option because “history showed that replacing a puppet President with another puppet one is proven inutile.

People of Mindanao is bleating for 'real change'. In the form of the present system, the issue of having a corrupt government goes on and on. We will never have 'real change' if we're only striving for a change in the presidency. Haven't we had enough of it? Presidential election wouldn't be the solution for the problems in the society. If we could only open our eyes and see in the bird's eyeview the happenings at present, then we'll realize that governing a country with just one person in power is the worst idea we've ever had. We had PP1 who made the dictator Marcos out of his dictatorship, PP2 who made the womanizer Erap Estrada out of his presidency. Maybe its the for the people to seize the political power and get it back from the most corrupt Arroyo government. Let our hearts be united for one cause. History taught us to stand on our feet and fight for our rights to live. As long as many Filipinos are dying due to starvation and poverty, as long as there are people who are oppressed by the oppressors, revolution seem endless.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Nasobrahan naman jud guro ko ug kape ug obar karong adlaw. no, dli karong adlawa, karong panahuna. maybe i should minimize these vices, cooldown. siguro dala lang ni sakong kamingaw ug kalain na nafeel lately. I had five consecutive days being homealone. my mind keeps on telling me that something's lacking. I miss Iligan. I miss everybody. I miss my Jamille fam, my door3 fam. I miss my mess. ;s
It'll measure how strong you are little boy, kinahanlan ra jud mag pugong. yes nalang. anywei, hatagan nalng ang kaugalingon para mag solo flight, mag.emote dili lang magpaOA. haha

Ihilig ang kaugalingon magtuon, magbasa ug makabalo. There's always a craving to learn everything. kung pde palang kan.on ang libro pag nadigest na mudiretso sa utok ang kahibalo.
But it's a good start. Call me a copycat if I wanted to do what others do. So what? I don't care, who knows i would really like it. I do things that catches my interests. Ay pagbuot.

"you are who you are. no one dictates, just know your limits."

-sagdi raq ha, ako ra ginastorya akong kaugalingon-

Star Gheyz

kuan... nalingaw raq buhat buhat ug poems. Hm.m, ganyan.
The sky was so clear and i slept early last night, kay gusto naq makta ang mga zodiac ug si orion... chika kuno mi gnagmay, cla akong ka date ganihang alas 3:30 sa kadlawon. haha.

i started my dei very early pero wa ghapon, balik ghapon ug tulog ang bata... around 4:30 nakatulog nasad ko, it was around 7 when i woke up.

And did my morning session opkors (cup of coffee, cancer stick, and songs). *geez* Nagdali man di ko kay nakoy giapas nga tarbaho... haha til hir mwa mwa tsup tsup. :p

I Was He

I was he, prodigy of deceit and malevolence
at my deathbed, I come seeking penitence
I was he, who always carry the bliss in visage
vexed with torment and grimace as baggage

I was he, pilgrim of blunt confidence
a grating random-bearer of stoical indolence
I was he, scalawag of feint and ambiguity
looking for truth, wisdom and clarity

I was he, abysmal descendant of poignancy
irasable and abstruse urchin of clemency
A mouth who's cynical, loath and pernacious
used pugnacious vilifying words as impetus

I was he, offspring of vituousity
gullible for art, music and beauty
I was he, the hidden zealous adventurer
The jovial child who lingers on vacuous laughter

I was he
I was he...

Hu U?

You were a nymph who dwells in the heart of the forest

Teaching every flower and tree to humble down to the deepest

You were Thor the god of war, strength and thunder

Molding every warrior to rage, be brave like a berserker

You were the siren who lures boatmen with her singing –Lorelei

Your voice inhibits my soul to listen to you day by day

You were Psyche who dominated the heart of Cupid

Causing his mind to become feeble, fancy and stupid

You were beautiful Isolde of Ireland

Rescued by the Knight Tristan, brought back to his homeland

You were Aphrodite who spread love, bloom and beauty

The lovely goddess who extended everybody’s felicity

You were Helen whose fragrance loomed over every place

Like a zephyr which fascinated Paris to give his warm embrace

You were Paris of Troy the beloved one of Helen

Shot an arrow on Achilles’ heel but made his kingdom fallen

You were Nike the winged goddess of victory

Always been the champ winning the heart of everybody

You were Delilah who was loved dearly by the long-haired Samson

The strongest man who became weak for that very shallow reason

You were Nyx who ordered Luna to whist at night

So that everyone could rest, dream wonders and sleep tight

And now you’re here to question of who you are to me?

You are the every being, every creature who brings to life my fantasy!


Last night i had a dream
That i was lost inside a cabalic realm
Stood on a dark place where I was just alone
Then i began prowling like a solo picaroon
Searing eyes, i was searching for something
Not from afar I saw a bleary image of a being
it was quite distant, causing vague and blurry sight
Erst, I had this deepest insights
Of drawing near and sit beside this lonesome maiden;
A strange feeling of blissful wanting
The scenario was just like a pilgrimage
As I started to unveil her unclear image
There was this beseech of walking towards her
For her aura was effulgent, glittering around her
I tried to stifle this feeling beforehand,
For I can't prefigure if i can withstand;
The folly of falling, my filthy guilty feelings
She was the angel who blest me 'tis yearning
The thief who took my heart away
The wag who maketh me smile all the way
Right I was about to hold her back,
The perfect moment debacled and was distracted
It was too late that I realized
That I fell into deep sleep that I'd fantasize
It was never my intention to seize this genre
Thus, nothing compares the joy of obtaining this plethora

Emotional Downpour

Emotional Downpour...
Pour down.
Fall in love.


Every word shown above has its meaning and resemblance... it features me and what's inside the head.


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