Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Angry Birds Attack

"Trust me, everybody loves the ANGRY BIRDS."

Who among the Filipino youth these days don't know what an Angry Bird is? Even in our country, some of my folks almost recognize them as the national birds? Haha, that's one big crack over there. But seriously although it was just one funny argument to begin with, it pricked me a little telling me that Filipinos were fascinated and are quite obsess with these cute little animals. I'm an avid fan myself and I cannot help myself from buying shirts and stuffs having the birds print.

Proof Of Purchase:

And this one's a proof that I bought one for my GF (just look at the headdress, don't mind the model lol!):

So What If They Are Angry?

Are you kidding me? That's their asset but of course! In the first place, they wouldn't have been called "Angry Birds" if they won't look fierce and does not have features like their fuzzy and thick eyebrows.

Nevertheless, they have captured the hearts of the many because of their charisma. I'm still in love with these birds but not as much as my girlfriend love them (and I sometimes think she loves em' more than she loves me O_o). Yes, she always plays the Angry Birds facebook app in her dull moments.

There are many series of videos of Angry Birds that can make you dumbfounded. But there's this one that I love most. I already viewed this like ten to fifteen times already but their jokes still keep me rolling on the floor laughing.

Here's the video. Listen closely and pay attention to what these birds have to say:

As for those who haven't witness the menace of the Angry Birds, here's one for you. Well, I guess there's no harm on trying the Angry Birds game in the Facebook apps. I'm pretty sure it will make you and your momma angry too. Hahahah.
*make faces*

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