Monday, November 28, 2011

How The "Search" Started: Evolution Through Time

Find out how Google started and how the evolution of Search came into life in the hearts of entrepreneurs, branding, sales and marketing in the internet.

This is really amazing. It gaved me a clearer idea about Google and their goal in the future.

Simply Amazing.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Angry Birds Attack

"Trust me, everybody loves the ANGRY BIRDS."

Who among the Filipino youth these days don't know what an Angry Bird is? Even in our country, some of my folks almost recognize them as the national birds? Haha, that's one big crack over there. But seriously although it was just one funny argument to begin with, it pricked me a little telling me that Filipinos were fascinated and are quite obsess with these cute little animals. I'm an avid fan myself and I cannot help myself from buying shirts and stuffs having the birds print.

Proof Of Purchase:

And this one's a proof that I bought one for my GF (just look at the headdress, don't mind the model lol!):

So What If They Are Angry?

Are you kidding me? That's their asset but of course! In the first place, they wouldn't have been called "Angry Birds" if they won't look fierce and does not have features like their fuzzy and thick eyebrows.

Nevertheless, they have captured the hearts of the many because of their charisma. I'm still in love with these birds but not as much as my girlfriend love them (and I sometimes think she loves em' more than she loves me O_o). Yes, she always plays the Angry Birds facebook app in her dull moments.

There are many series of videos of Angry Birds that can make you dumbfounded. But there's this one that I love most. I already viewed this like ten to fifteen times already but their jokes still keep me rolling on the floor laughing.

Here's the video. Listen closely and pay attention to what these birds have to say:

As for those who haven't witness the menace of the Angry Birds, here's one for you. Well, I guess there's no harm on trying the Angry Birds game in the Facebook apps. I'm pretty sure it will make you and your momma angry too. Hahahah.
*make faces*

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Word Of The Lourd

Aside from being on TV5, did you know that this Tee Ice "Bawal mag share" commercial guy is also an activist, author and the male lead vocal of the great spoken word-jazz-funk-punk-avant chacha band Radio Active Sago project. Not long ago, I bought one of his book entitled "This is a Crazy Planets", but sad to say I unintentionally left it to a friend's house. But, I'm pretty sure I can have it back. How I wish they (friends) could hand over the book a little too soon.

His band, the Radio Active Sago Project, is famous for their work on "Tanginamo Andaming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin."

It makes me think of the Gusto ko ng Baboy Sydrome years. It was music, the rhapsody, the bass, the all. Gahd.

Isn't it a little obvious? Francis De Veyra is the man. One of a kind blatant freakazoid.

Give him a break. Go Lourd!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Edge FM 95.9

Live streaming on the Edge FM 95.9 Station in Iligan City. Chillin` with music while waiting for my salary to arrive. Union Bank must have some technical problems because many were complaining about the very delayed update in their accounts. Sigh.

*buffer buffer*

And There Was Pipes!

Are you aware of the so-called Yahoo! Pipes. Well, if not, lemme give you a close hint of what it is. Yahoo! Pipes simply connects some pages and articles in the internet depending on how you would arrange them.

I've been practicing about article syndication by using the methods of RSS submission and Yahoo! Pipes. I was very happy playing with the pipes. It gives me more interest in making many pipes however I am still wondering if there are people around who could teach me how to boost these pipes and gain traffic to my money site using this method? Anyone?

It might not look good like other pipes made by more knowledgeable inviduals in the internet but I'd like to share some of the pipes I made:

on Insurance Articles

on Insure Direct Blog

on Insure Direct Videos

and lastly,

on Top Insurance News



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