Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What is a student?

A student doesn't limit himself inside the four walls of the classroom.
A student must be aware of what is happening to his environment.
A student must understand that he is an important factor for change. He is always open to new set of ideas.
A student must have an active participation in the society. It's his historic role to contribute for the development of the society.
A student's wisdom is obtained in learning from the masses. He must blend with them.
A student needs to liberate himself together with the masses. Thus he must practice what he learned to form new theories.
A student upholds a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education. He always think that education is a right and not as a privilege.
A student stands for what is right and just. He is not afraid to voice out and act for it.
A student is willing to serve his people.
A true student believes in all of these.

A true student is an LFS activist!

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