Sunday, January 18, 2009

Epluribusunum (One out of many)

Amidst the tumult of the PTB's
You stood out
Along with trials, hardships and sacrifices
You didn't fall out
You'll soon exhume the theories you've learned
Putting it all into practice
You see the society, microscopic and telescopic view
So clear, so bright
This is your higher step for the oppressed
Push hard not for 'own', but 'theirs'
History will deem your works
none can give something in return,
but you'll be loved by the masses
and this is your insignia
it is our duty to serve the people
enjoy your jaunt into their lives
comrades! you are winsome inspirations
for the people and all revolutionaries
adieu for greater purpose
adieu... epluribusunum

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