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Some Sort Of A Field Trip

May 29, 2010

We left Gensan for the 2-day tour in South Cotabato and Gensan. It was 4:20 am when we started moving out of the city and proceeded to the first spot of our choice: The Lake Sebu.

The scenic Lake Sebu
Scenic Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, dubbed the “Summer Capital of the South”, is a protected landscape and the ancestral home of the T'boli people. Located in the Daguma Mountains of SOCSKSARGEN, it boasts three beautiful mountain lakes (Sebu, Seloton and Lahit) and seven waterfalls, as well as the rich culture of the T'bolis, now internationally known for their t'nalak cloth. The scenery and light in this place make it a photographer's paradise, and the mountains offer adventures for intrepid trekkers.

While waiting for the tour guide to get ready we seized the moment to have a little picture taking
Just a pose
How to get there
With the concreting of the road leading up to Lake Sebu, it is now very easy to visit the place. Gone were those days when it took almost four hours over dirt roads and rivers that overflow during the rainy season, now it's less than 30 minutes.

From the capital city of Koronadal, one passes thru the towns of Banga and Surallah. Just a little farther from the poblacion of Surallah is a junction to the left going to the town of T'boli and a little farther is another junction to the left going to Lake Sebu.


The Rice (egg on the bottom and it seemed like a burger to me because they made the veggies as patty)
Tilapia-mm yumm

It was past six in the morning when we arrived at the most popular resort located at the mouth set of lake Sebu: Punta Isla. It was a little bit early yet my comrades seem to have a robust amount of energy in this event. We had our breakfast at one of their cottages, got served with their most precious delicacies, and were happy seeing the food presentation. Upon having the breakfast, I didn’t bother asking my classmates about it but I enjoyed listening to the tribal sound played by one of the locale. It gives a perfect theme on going-out-the-city-and-go-to-the-countryside moments of mine. We got ready and took the next step of unrevealing the beauty of Lake Sebu. The witty T’boli tour guide enjoyed cracking jokes as we wander the lake with amusement. 3 lakes: Lake Sebu (biggest); lake Lahit (smallest); Lake Seloton (deepest). 3 lakes: Lake Sebu (biggest); lake Lahit (smallest); Lake Seloton (deepest). 3 lakes: Lake Sebu (biggest); lake Lahit (smallest); Lake Seloton (deepest). The lake has 700 meters depth and has a cone-shaped volcano with the mouth facing the floor. When the underwater volcano spouts some ashes, locally grown fishes such as tilapias die.

some factual datas gathered during the tour
(never intended to become a stenographer, ghad ~_~):

punta isla
60-90ft going 700m deep(2000ft)
354, hectares app
11 uslands

overlooking church-lake sebus's st. john baptist church
isla cabunho-awan family(t'boli)

under water volcano;

fish bill-sulfur ng bulkan
1000 telapias in every cages after 6 months harvest

isla grande-crocodile island( croc shape island)
largest lisla in lake sebu

Antonio Pungan-municipal mayor
11 resorts
27 falls
2 spring-must walk destination

green water reflection of tress and native
700 m depth
gov't owned island
fish cages hav floating houe nearby

and these were the places we went to:

These antique items were displayed in a big old  T'boli house

Jars made by our very own T'boli lumads
This is one of the waterfalls included in the 7

A slight picture taking

And an another photo shoot

Merl is some sort of a farm that has a nice view of a typical rural zone but what's better about this place is that you can choose over relaxing on their swimming pool or try an adventure ride with their zipline.

We also had our horse back riding and I blurted out ROFLMFAO because Xhina was shaking while riding the mama horse (she wasn't afraid of riding at the back of the horse, she was afraid because she was tailed by the fawn of the horse rushing right next to her).

The zipline story

I didn't notice this one, maybe I was too busy reading their catalog

This chair is so "cool"

Had our little
The Japs garden, nice view when you would want walking around their lawn (you can also rent a room  nearby)

Their meeting hall

Clubhouse for merienda


I feel comfortable sketching and writing at my dull moments

The Del Rio Resort is the place where we settled down for the night (Yeahh, since tomorrow will be another big day for our unwavering journey). We haven't had many pictures to take in this place since this is just one plain resort with a pool but mind you we did a little gig when the darkness came over. Some shots of beer and some spicy and sizzling food for dinner served me well. *hmm*

Welcome to Durian Garden

They also have their version of Butterfly Sanctuary

A little swing beneath the durian trees

This was Sunday so our teach brought us to this highlands chapel to have a Sunday Mass.
Place is unique, and clean too.


The Saranggani Highlands is one of the best tourist destinations in Gen. Santos City. It's a restaurant located at the top of a hill. An overlooking view of the whole Saranggani Bay while taking a lunch isn't a bad idea, right?

A simple yet elegant table centerpiece


Another yummy mouthwatering stomach-grumbling tasty FOOOD!
This was the last destination, we took off going back to our respective homes after having a lunch party at this place. Nevertheless, this event is seasonal. And it might be one of the first thing I ever had, but I'm pretty sure it won't be the last one.

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