Sunday, November 13, 2011

And There Was Pipes!

Are you aware of the so-called Yahoo! Pipes. Well, if not, lemme give you a close hint of what it is. Yahoo! Pipes simply connects some pages and articles in the internet depending on how you would arrange them.

I've been practicing about article syndication by using the methods of RSS submission and Yahoo! Pipes. I was very happy playing with the pipes. It gives me more interest in making many pipes however I am still wondering if there are people around who could teach me how to boost these pipes and gain traffic to my money site using this method? Anyone?

It might not look good like other pipes made by more knowledgeable inviduals in the internet but I'd like to share some of the pipes I made:

on Insurance Articles

on Insure Direct Blog

on Insure Direct Videos

and lastly,

on Top Insurance News


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