Saturday, April 26, 2008


Kindergarten: to be a scientist or an inventor

Grade 1: to run a business
Grade 2: to be rich and famous
Grade 3: to be an engineer
Grade 4: to be an architect/painter
Grade 5: to be a chemist
Grade 6: to be in the field of medicine

1st yr HS: to be a detective/CIA agent or an assassin perhaps
2nd yr HS: to be a preacher/missionary
3rd yr HS: to be a ruler/leader
4th yr HS: to rock the world

College: to become an industrial psychologist
OSY days: to be a political officer of BHB

Present: oh come on! i'm so sick of thinking of what i wanted to become in the future. give me a break. all i wanted is satisfaction. but truth is, i can't afford to have it.

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