Sunday, April 13, 2008

what happened today?

it was a good day actually... i overslept and i woke up past 4 in the afternoon and it's cool ya know (i almost forgot i'm still alive kicking with bended knees). as soon as i woke up i began coughing like hell. lami ra jud ang feeling sa ginahutoi da, and so i continued popping alot of marlboro lights (indeed nagminor naq ha, bawal pula kay hubak pa).

then amew started fixing himself, he said he wanted to go to church and seek divine intervention. and then i asked him to pray for my soul, that if ever i would die today, i would surely go to heaven.
(fyi i spend time going to church during my past life, uhh that was when i had this healthy christian life)

and so, the room was filled with korean-chinese speaking baylas, ug napay binsui nga bulala kayo ug baba astang kusuga mukatawa. they cracked the silence in the apartment. but i felt the moment was tearing me apart as soon as regima omega/moimoi ni tita da(chuey keog ngalan) bid goodbye to everybody. my powerful mind conceived the future again. it was the moment that struck me, alot of members of d3 family would be leaving soon for their new horizons in life. and we(i and tita da) were talking. i asked her if she could imagine ourselves in the next four years in our lives. like what happens next after all of these. those foolish but quite meaningful questions began ruining my head. and then i started missing people, one by one(kung gabasa ka ani apil naka adto). :s

to compromise the misery, i went up to technocraft and started writing this thing. and that's how this day went.

Lesson for the day: "dili mahurot ang adlaw, muagi lang."

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