Friday, April 4, 2008


i sat on my mattress which was located at the lower left corner of my asylum. staring at the blank door, my trolly had a vacation. it was drooping into oblivion again.

kid uno: here you are, leaning on the wall. geez, this is going nowhere. erase imaginings, erase bayot moments! pointless. not your cup of tea... i guess. :s

*flashbacks popping up*

kid uno: crap! huli kaw mad cow. loud laughs and foolish talks loomed over the place awhile ago. the house was so alive.

kid dos: yea. all i see, loud voices. all i hear, mouth openings and moving lips.

kid uno: agree. i was just thinking, if these individuals(referring to Special Others), could be back here for tom.

kid dos: i came to think of that also. know what? wonder if these could happen over and over again. if so, until when? when will it end?

kid uno: pretty soon i think... pretty soon.

*back to sanity*

kid uno: here goes reality. *sigh*

kid dos: *chuckles*

for a moment there was pause. i rubbed my eye and started fixing my bed. a grim smile was release.

"hell, here goes silence... -_-zzZ"
*last obar op da nayt*

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