Friday, May 2, 2008


these poems were made by my best bud ian kit "amew" lovete (gahd, i wish i had ur brain cells... stupid genius). i would like to post these in my blog because its my tribute to him for its his birthday today... Happy birthday ian kit.

A Verse Unsung
a line stolen from my song
vows untold and kept for long
every eye stays blind for reality
radiates the curse of eternity
searching across the edge of time
each of the words doesn't seem to rhyme under the tree of life i ponder
never has been my heart put to a sunder
searching for the lost part of my heart
universe is the one that divides us apart
now sing to me the missing piece
go with the feelings that never seize

The Uncertain Love
truth is what makes a thing certain
how can lies be the words given
existing in a world where no one is living
under the abyss of this unusual feeling
now hand me over that bottle
can you drown me and be gentle
everything is unknown when you play
reveals its secrets in a deadly array
tell me the names i say before i sleep
answer the question on who should i keep
insanity freezes my dying brain
now twist it more to drive me insane
leave all your dishonesties behind
offer me truth though its unkind
vicious heart of mind that bleeds
express yourself with honest creeds

under your smile i am powerless
making you laugh is a thing i can't resist
bothering you makes my mind restless
with a bond of friendship i insist
i told you that smiling is possible
laughter may be considerable
learn to love with all your heart
all those pain will you to a better start

Sa Pagkat Ako Ay Nandito
sa lupang tigang ang takot ay ibaling
at sa hangin, alinlangay ilibing
pusong sawi at puno ng pangamba
awit ng langit, hatid ay pag-asa
gaganti ang ihip ng tadhana
kulog ng tawa, kidlat ng saya
at sa pusong patay na
tila may ikalawang buhay na nadarama
ang napipintong katapusan, hatid ay bagong simula
kaya huwag hapuin ang iyong mata sa pagluha
o kay dilim ng langit na dati'y bughaw
at uulan ng awa sa lupang uhaw
yaman ang bawat luhang idinilig
na nagbalik sa nawawalang pintig
ang tinig ng katotohanan ay siyang daing
ng pusong walang tigil sa kanyang paghiling
damhin ang pag-ibig na sa sayo ay alay
itanim ang buto ng bagong buhay
tulad ng araw na laging sumisikat
oras na ng damdaming tunay at tapat

The Sky in July
tangled with stars she keeps the night
having the heart of undying light
every stars is sprinkled with diamond glitters
spreading heaven's forgiveness to earthly sinners
kneeling upon the star-filled sky
yielding the crescent moon in her palms
in the eyes of the mortal, the goddess so high
now put a rest to my heart that never calms
june will soon be over
undoubtedly you will be there
let's have a date sometime in summer
yet to come is a friendly affair

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