Friday, May 2, 2008

The Melancholy of Fervil Von Tripoli

I wanted to save my love. i cannot help it, it's hard to rejuvenate from being broke.
I wanted to be strong. i cannot help it, a creampuff will always be a creampuff. you're still a milksop even if make the world tumble down.
I wanted to fulfill my ambitions. i cannot help it, instead of progressing i am regressing. i suffer from deterioration because i lack wisdom, and because i cannot flee from stupidity.
I wanted to gain trust. i cannot help it, it's because i dwell on deceit and malevolence. i am a sinister angel.
I wanted a healthy life. i cannot help it, i live a life whose goal is nothing. aimless because i am a happy-go-lucky person.
I wanted to be a blessing to others. i cannot help it, i am a cursed jinx. i bring nothing but disaster.
I wanted to help others. i cannot do that, i cannot even help myself.

"and it's not easy to be me." -Superman by five for fighting
*kid imagining himself screaming in pain*

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