Friday, May 2, 2008


Bumble bee: thk u 4 d memories kid. v learnd frm ol of u. wish u hapines in ur chosen road. rest asured, i wil continue journying wd our suffring pipol (tubson t n lng ka, hehe). hasta la victoria, litle bro!

Kid: uh thnx bb, it mean alot. :|

Bumble bee: tnx ka jan, hehe. uhh, 4got to tel u, bawiin mo sariling rebolusyunaryong larawan. it's not 2 late.

Kid: i'm hoping for that tym 2 cum. :)

Bumble bee: it's not heavn sent kid. we work 4 it. & it has a price. each price entails sacrifice.

Kid: then maybe i was just so s2pid that i canot handle that sacrifice for now.

Bumble bee: ur not stupid. ur jaz so afraid to peel-off ur selfishness. u'r almost der, pero ngpasagad ka. kaya sa uban, unta kya pud nimo.

Kid: well as for me, not peeling off the selfishness i hav nd stupidity goes rhythmic or in harmony. watever i am ryt now, i nid to elev8 d material conditions, its a mandatory bb, anywei or anodr i dnt nid flowery words or phrases, i just nid to prove it. not to u guys but also 4 myself. it's a contradiction. n_n

Bumble bee: oh boy, i am not providing u wid unecesari intelectualism. grounded tau. yup, mandatory ang practice 4 elevation of ideo. intrnalyz it kuy.

Kid: salamat. i knw thanking u guys isnt enuf, for evrything u did 2 my lyf. eventhough im a bastard, i left works without consent nd all d mess, ur stil der 2 help.

Bumble bee: kaw nmn, hehe, xmpre dili amo ang reb. ato ni, we knw dili lng kmi ang mga gud sons of d pipol, naa p uban, nid lng tbangan mkaobjctify.

Kid: ok. i got ur point. kuan bb, d nyt is on, myt as well sleep early 4 tmorow's activities. nanayt bb. thx thx. :)

Bumble bee: sacrificing 2day, sacrifice l8r? pareho ra. tr2 hate procrastinating. d world rols on, apas. pr dako ka agi, hehe.

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