Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Last night i had a dream
That i was lost inside a cabalic realm
Stood on a dark place where I was just alone
Then i began prowling like a solo picaroon
Searing eyes, i was searching for something
Not from afar I saw a bleary image of a being
it was quite distant, causing vague and blurry sight
Erst, I had this deepest insights
Of drawing near and sit beside this lonesome maiden;
A strange feeling of blissful wanting
The scenario was just like a pilgrimage
As I started to unveil her unclear image
There was this beseech of walking towards her
For her aura was effulgent, glittering around her
I tried to stifle this feeling beforehand,
For I can't prefigure if i can withstand;
The folly of falling, my filthy guilty feelings
She was the angel who blest me 'tis yearning
The thief who took my heart away
The wag who maketh me smile all the way
Right I was about to hold her back,
The perfect moment debacled and was distracted
It was too late that I realized
That I fell into deep sleep that I'd fantasize
It was never my intention to seize this genre
Thus, nothing compares the joy of obtaining this plethora

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