Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hu U?

You were a nymph who dwells in the heart of the forest

Teaching every flower and tree to humble down to the deepest

You were Thor the god of war, strength and thunder

Molding every warrior to rage, be brave like a berserker

You were the siren who lures boatmen with her singing –Lorelei

Your voice inhibits my soul to listen to you day by day

You were Psyche who dominated the heart of Cupid

Causing his mind to become feeble, fancy and stupid

You were beautiful Isolde of Ireland

Rescued by the Knight Tristan, brought back to his homeland

You were Aphrodite who spread love, bloom and beauty

The lovely goddess who extended everybody’s felicity

You were Helen whose fragrance loomed over every place

Like a zephyr which fascinated Paris to give his warm embrace

You were Paris of Troy the beloved one of Helen

Shot an arrow on Achilles’ heel but made his kingdom fallen

You were Nike the winged goddess of victory

Always been the champ winning the heart of everybody

You were Delilah who was loved dearly by the long-haired Samson

The strongest man who became weak for that very shallow reason

You were Nyx who ordered Luna to whist at night

So that everyone could rest, dream wonders and sleep tight

And now you’re here to question of who you are to me?

You are the every being, every creature who brings to life my fantasy!

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