Friday, March 28, 2008



time check 1:55 am... okei, em half awake/half dead but still moving. coffee does the trick, it makes me rabid all night long. It might be a good idea if i sleep at this very moment. Oh no, i forgot to tell my alter ego that i don't entertain such kind of thinking, especially when i can feel the vibration running through my nerves (commanding my hands to click the mouse and type the keyboard). Indeed! i'm staring at the monitor at this very moment. Thank heavens, 'lolo herden' was sitting beside me. He sprinkled a little bit of his unholy aura... by the way, about 'lolo herden', we call him 'undying'. He was a creep, physically, mentally and spiritually... but i still wonder if he still bear a spirit within him.

just passin` by to post something here, para magkalaman naman ito... pambihira! nag.overnayt na nga ako di ko pa malalagyan ng bagong post ang blog ko! char. tagalog ra kaayo dhai oh dhai my baby dhai.
*balik bayot moments*

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