Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Was He

I was he, prodigy of deceit and malevolence
at my deathbed, I come seeking penitence
I was he, who always carry the bliss in visage
vexed with torment and grimace as baggage

I was he, pilgrim of blunt confidence
a grating random-bearer of stoical indolence
I was he, scalawag of feint and ambiguity
looking for truth, wisdom and clarity

I was he, abysmal descendant of poignancy
irasable and abstruse urchin of clemency
A mouth who's cynical, loath and pernacious
used pugnacious vilifying words as impetus

I was he, offspring of vituousity
gullible for art, music and beauty
I was he, the hidden zealous adventurer
The jovial child who lingers on vacuous laughter

I was he
I was he...

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