Monday, March 17, 2008

29 minutes

It was morning again.

Another tick in the time life of being fetish. Having tragic existence in this carnal realm. So pathetic, so vain, so mortal. Yeah, entangled in this mortal coil.

Is your purpose of living to become an instrument for others? Show brilliance to be recognized and gain fame? Being passionate for one's cause? Soul search to find your sanctuary? Live a so-called fully-grown life to consider sanity? Experience the gift: exercising boredom and pleasure. Or simply say you need the answers to your questions of mortality. All dumb facts of life.

Life. A matter of choice, not by chance. Man moves to survive; push hard and struggle. Only thing that justifies what it is to become a human being.

Past. Present. Future. Thinking of it makes people mild, weak and ignorant. On the otherhand, it blindfolded them of becoming guileless and have had chastity.

World. So rude, so vast... so is life.

Hey! It's morning again isn't it?

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