Monday, October 6, 2008

Confession of a Tightwad Grown-Up

It was all marked in the pages of my memory now. Lad was sitting on a monoblock chair. Smiling alone outside the gateway, staring at the starry sky. It's almost midnight, who else among us would do that aside from him? He's reminiscing the history again.

He was not just a mere friend but rather a brother to me even when we were still young and innocent. Good thing we aren't as innocent as we were before. I know alot of stories of his love. He use to tell me everything about it. Detail by detail, repeatedly, oh how would I forget?

Lad and I were of opposite polar regions on attitudes and behavior. I'm slow, he's quick. I'm the anti-social and he's the heart of the crowd and blah blah blah. One thing that makes us collide is that we always share the same cup of tea. Of course we end up hurting ourselves. Well I don't know about him, but I do. Too bad, in most cases I'm always the jerk and he's the breadwinner.

Anyway, I'm happy as he is now - really. Him with his soon-to-be gf, the girl whom i also love. Funny how life works right? But this is the real story. I never hated him for who he was. I hated him because out of all the millions of guys in this planet, why on earth that he never fails to become my rival?

I'd still remember the first time we both met Erica - yes, she's the one. We're on our way to conduct a medical mission somewhere when we joined Erica's company. We are about to stay a couple of nights there. At first glance, Erica wasn't that appealing, only that she's a bubbly person. Then she captivated my heart. Due to being a shy guy, I always ask for Lad's help - he's good at this I tell you. And I thought that this would serve as my love story (guess not). It turned out I'm the one who's helping him to catch her heart. As they say, two heads are better than one. I plan for him, he does the initiation.

That final day was over yet they're still together, holding each other's hand like they never will. Cute. The night was sharp that everyone became tired and fell asleep - others were even snorting, gross. And Dew was also gently sleeping, like a baby in its crib.

Lad chose to prolong the night as he lay close to her, watching her promising face - witnessing an angel from heaven resting in peace. Beautiful. he didn't notice I was widely awake... observing. How my heart aches, I can feel the bitterness of the world like the World Trade Center collapsing. I was envious. So goes the never winter nights.


this short story was made out of nothing. it's my first short story. anything on above mentioned were off relating to the real me, i swear. bwahahahaha

*bula bula ang baba*

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