Monday, October 6, 2008

The Noble Songster of Jamille's Master Piece

Tis' not Charle's Wain's edifice
that bemuses me
Nor thus Cynosure's price
intimidates me
O' E'en the Ire's finest Ard Ri,
cannot muster thee

Tis' not Shurnarkabtishashutu's name
who puzzles thee
Nor the plucky Spartan's fame
that fascinates me
Not the rhetoric of a lover
that maketh bloom of a maiden's liver

Tis' not Leonardo's astute art
who could paint tis' warrior's heart
Because the reason behind all o' these:
The noble songster of jamille's master piece -
A verse of perennial extremity,
Way lain, ikaw ra jud lagi.

*rolling on the floor laughing*

-sar lang, wahahaha. bitaw ue, tinuod ikaw ra lagi. whoever you are. :3

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