Thursday, October 23, 2008



Have I told you it's not a bed of roses?
Who can forget Wang Yang Ming
in those fateful nights of
the Great Proletarian Cultural Revt'n
I can't, I cant.

We who must transcend
from the bourgeois origin
and submit to antagonistic
class contradictions,
unacidic collective debates
Painful everyday, painful.
variety of antagonisms.
Brace for yourselves.
You said you want to go to
the countrysides?
Barefoot. Stranger.
Versus the cool western wind
Never forget to look for the
western side of your tree
at 6 o'clock in the evening
Your only consolation.
Embrace it.

Hush, my dear little boy, hush
You'll be near.
Persevere. Persevere.
Get your cancer sticks
and discern not on the smoke
it emits

Yes, it is a bed of roses.
Not for me, but for you.
It is for the faceless
whom we fought for
through the years.

Please kiss the first dawn
of victory for me.


The daybreak opens with arms wide open
Embroidering the red sun would be
disappointing and malevolent
in the eye of the bourgeois
But yes, we can! we can!

We are to commit class suicide
to unwrap ourselves
from the bourgeois bearings,
to succumb and give birth
to a new life - proletariats!
In which we are conduct of becoming
Painstaking and crucial.
Persevere. Persevere.
And yes we would venture
the countrysides!
Barefooted and vulnerable
against the wrath of the western wind.
We'll never forget
our everyday living with the peasants
They're the ones whom
we can rely upon
We will bind them.

We would follow the trace of your footsteps
True, you said i am the captain of my soul
I am to use this will
to set the captives free
At the end of the long run,
we are the protegĕ
of the undying proletariats
of the old

In the presence of antagonistic
class contradictions
We -the people- struggle for commitment
A debt of gratitude for your wisdom
We find clarity to oversee the society
your souls will inhibit within.
If, for instance, we fail to bring
your flesh in the time of triumph,

We will kiss the first dawn
of victory for you.

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